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  • Cal BRE License #01379610

8 Units Multifamily

Another Successful Funded Loan

  • $833,950
  • 5 Year Fixed @ 3.325%
  • C/O Refinance-65% LTV
  • 8 Units
  • Multifamily Property
  • San Bernardino, CA


A past client with whom we had financed multiple apartment building returned to us seeking to refinance and cashout on the buildings with a goal of using the funds to acquire an absolute NNN located out of state. 


The biggest hurdle was from an outside broker who was trying to encourage the client to work with him. It was a bit frustrating but at ALB welcomes competition. Besides that we just had to rebuttal inaccurate comments that were made by the appraiser on the subject property.


ALB won the business and we were able to structure great terms for the client and maximize his loan dollars beyond what we had initially quoted. At ALB when a past client returns back for our assistance that in itself is a great reward, and one of the things we like most about this business.