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Overview Of Loan Programs | ALB Commercial Capital

The Loan Process

Rental Property Loans & Real Estate Investing

Your real estate investment deserves the expertise that ALB Commercial Capital has to offer. We have access to financing from a wide variety of sources so that we can get you the best mortgage rates today.

Real estate investors come to ALB Commercial Capital because our professional team has the knowledge and resources to offer the best loans for your individual investment. We want to be an integral part of your success and bring value to your transactions. As a successful investor, you understand that access to financing is the key to a successful closing.

ALB Commercial Capital wants to ensure that your loan application goes smoothly. We keep you informed and aware of all options, current mortgage rates, and the various loans available to you. We take you from the beginning to the last signature needed to close your deal.

As your financing partners, it is best to involve us from the beginning. The more we work together, the more value we can bring to your transactions. As you are conducting an investment analysis of a property for purchase or sale, for example, wouldn’t it be helpful to know how much debt the property can support? By having that knowledge, you can arrive at a market value for the property confidently and gain even greater credibility with all parties in your transactions.

If you already have found a property and you need financing, we are happy to arrange an introductory meeting or phone interview. Working together, we can establish your goals, define available options, and pinpoint any specific challenges to the financing request. We understand that private investors often have special circumstances and we customize the loan product to your needs. Besides providing the highest level of service to our clients, our goal is to minimize any risk to you.

One way that we can ensure you will have a smooth transaction is by performing a detailed underwriting analysis. We will examine the rent roll and operating expenses for the property and present the information in a format that meets the lenders underwriting requirements. Different lenders have very specific ways of looking at the same set of numbers; that’s why we invest significant amounts of time and energy into establishing the right underwriting from the beginning.

We submit several different financing scenarios to you for review. Each scenario offers an overview of the mortgage rate and terms, followed by a description of the loan program and why it might meet your needs. Keep in mind that loan programs and rates are subject to change at any time based on market conditions. As a result, we do not guarantee any interest rate until after the due diligence and loan approval process has been completed and a commitment has been given. In most cases, a client can pay a rate-lock fee equivalent to 1% of the loan amount to ensure that the rate quoted is the one given.

Our advisors present you with the loan program options best suited for your property and with the most favorable terms to you. Once we begin the loan application process, we handle the details of assembling a professional request for financing to a lender that meets your overall objectives.. We arrange for appraisals and other required reports, and follow through to loan closing. We save you time and money—you don’t have to research and contact individual lenders because we’ve done that work for you already.

Contact Us

If you would like to begin the loan process, or would like to learn about financing options for a property you are listing or purchasing, please contact us at (800) 510-2214. We will be happy to work with you on structuring the loan that best meets your current needs and investment objectives. We will guide you throughout the loan process: reviewing loan programs with you, helping you gather the necessary documentation, and arranging for appraisals, inspections, and reports required by the lender.