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  • Cal BRE License #01379610
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Now Hiring- Commercial Loan Processor

Now Hiring- Commercial Loan Processor

ALB Commercial Capital is a Commercial mortgage brokerage firm and we are very serious about customer service and bringing value to each and every transaction. We have developed our own internal systems and commercial processng platform that not only works but has proven to be top notch in the commercial mortgage market. For the right individual we offer an opportunity to share in our company vision & passion for the rewarding career of commercial real estate and finance. If you are organized, well spoken, have good business writing skills, strong computer skills, understand programs like Excel, Word, Adobe Acrobat, must be able to focus on meeting due dates or time frames. Has to be a team player, and have a proven track record in loan processing: You could be the person we are looking for!

Candidates must have at least 3 years of experience in loan processing, preferably in commercial real estate transactions. Processors manage the loan process from origination through closing, and must be capable, hands on, and able to communicate well with all involved in the transaction.

  • Salary 
  • Full time employment
  • Vacation Pay
  • Process for High Volume Loan Advisors
  • Performs the processing of mortgage loan files involving the verification of loan documents including income, credit appraisal and title insurance, rent rolls, property operating expenses, and packaging loans to lender requirements.
  • Must be familiar with all required Ratios used by Lenders ( Global DSCR, DTI, LTV, Networth,Liquidity,etc)
  • Performs various administrative duties to complete these tasks (i.e. faxing, copying, filing, emailing, accessing third party resources for information,pipeline management and phone support).
  • Provides clear communication and support to underwriting, loan officers and customers to release stipulations needed for mortgage loan files to ensure a quick turnaround time.
  • Be able to review borrowers tax returns, and enter extrapolate relevant financial information to then be entered into loan aplications, or personal financial statements
  • Should possess knowledge and ability to use Microsoft word, excel, and power point, Adobe, and very comfortable with accessing the internet web, and emailing of documents.
  • Responsible for communicating directly to Escrow Company, Title Company, and lenders processing team, and loan Advisors, borrowers, all involved in the transaction
  • Prepare closing documents and arrange closings with loan officer and closing department.
  • minimum of 3 years experience in Loan Processing
  • Familiar with 1003 loan applications, SREO's,credit reports, balance sheets, profit & loss statements, entity documents, Rent rolls, Income expense statements, loan documentation, and real estate transaction process
  • Comfortable with computers and the use of excel, word, Adobe, powerpoint,Business writing for to communicate effective and precise emailings
  • Must be organized with paperwork and other clerical type duties
  • Good listener, good communicator, and display a pleasant attitude towards all clientele
  • Bilingual a plus
  • Must understand all underwriting ratios and calculations
  • Must work well with team members
Please download and complete our new hire package and email back to us with your resume. All correspondence should be emailed to: leo@albcommercialcapital.com

Download the Commercial Loan Processor employment package